What Are Storm Windows?

Have you ever given a thought to what keeps your home protected during a heavy snowfall or a rough storm? Maybe you assume that with the right windows and a strong firmament, your house is ready to withstand any bad weather that comes its way. However, when it comes to truly destructive weather, storm windows are the unspoken heroes of damage prevention. When moisture leaks in through the cracks of your home, it can create a huge amount of damage that doesn’t get noticed until it’s too late. Storm windows don’t only protect your home from damaging moisture-related issues like mold or internal rot. They create a protective shield around your house so that you’ll stay protected even in the worst storms or during the most intense heat and cold. If you’re storm window shopping for Renewal by Andersen window replacement, choosing storm windows can make a huge difference to your home’s safety. Here are a few reasons why.

Storm Windows Protect Your Home from the Inside Out

Think of your storm window as a protective shield, standing between you and your home’s natural vulnerabilities. Whether you have an older home that doesn’t keep out the cold as well as it used to, or you’re trying to get the best possible mileage out of new windows, exterior and interior storm windows can create a strong seal that blocks out cold air and moisture while keeping enough heat in. Because storm windows are created with abrasive weather patterns in mind, they’re built as a thick, protective layer to help increase your home windows’ R-values without exposing them to too much harmful sunlight. Whether your concern is wind speed during a tropical storm, snow buildup during a blizzard or simply the everyday ravages of dust, dirt, and rain eroding at your home’s exterior, storm windows make sure nothing gets compromised. They even protect against slower but no less harmful contaminants like those leading to air pollution. A good, custom-made storm window will keep the inside of your home temperature-controlled and clean no matter what the weather looks like.

They Also Increase Your Home’s Value

A safe, protected home is a valuable home. However, even without the valuable protection storm windows offer, your home’s curb value is likely to go up based on the look of storm windows from the outside. In addition to acting as protection, storm windows can create a sheltered, private look that elevates your home’s value in the eyes of others. They can also be helpful to install in rooms with more valuable objects or showy furniture. If you install your storm windows with tinting and shading, you’ll be protecting your home’s privacy while shielding your family and your belongings from UV ray infiltration all at once.

They Protect Your Internal Windows

Your home’s windows were built to last through heavy storms and harsh weather. However, if your windows are approaching the 20-year mark, they might not be doing their job as thoroughly as they once did. If your windows are due for a replacement, or if you simply want to preserve them for historical or sentimental purposes, storm windows offer an easy way to do it. Even if your windows are relatively new, you don’t want to expose them to a couple of harsh winters unprotected. You want your windows to last as long as they can, without giving them any reason to clock out early. Installing storm windows at least every winter will help your home’s windows stay strong for years past their expiration date.

They Keep Your Home Cool and Safe

If you’re looking to save money on heating bills, trying to maintain a cooler inner temperature, or are simply trying to be more eco-friendly in your everyday life, storm windows are a great choice. Not only do they work to bolster less energy-efficient windows on the market, they protect your home from exposure to the glaring sun or from pesky air leaks, allowing you to get a handle on your home’s internal temperature without having to crank up the A/C or draw the blinds. During a cold snap, storm windows could reduce your home’s heat loss by up to 50% while protecting from condensation buildup. When the byproducts of cold, inclement weather make their way inside your home, you could be looking at a ton of damage over the years, not limited to mold and wood rot. With storm windows, you’re reducing the risk of weather-related damage and keeping your home safe, cool, and clean in one easy step.